Veterinary Externships

Veterinary Student Externships

Thank you for your interest in a veterinary externship at Waverly Animal Clinic!  We are excited to provide 2-4 week externship rotations for veterinary students.  Please review the following information.

About Waverly Animal Clinic

Waverly Animal Clinic is a well-established four doctor mixed animal practice in middle Tennessee (approximately 1 hour from Nashville.)  We provide about 75% small animal and 25% large animal medicine and surgery.  Both our small and large animal facilities reside in new, large, state-of-the-art buildings.  We have haul-in large animal facilities with horse stocks and a cattle tilt table for foot work.  We have two fully stocked ambulatory vehicles for farm work.  

We pride ourselves on providing high quality compassionate veterinary care to patients of all sizes.  Our clinic has a fun loving and laid back atmosphere with loyal and appreciative clients.  Our staff consists of two veterinarians with 15 years of experience each and two veterinarians with 3 years of experience each.  We have eight LVT’s who provide amazing support and love what they do.  Our whole team loves teaching and mentoring.

What to Expect

The daily caseload varies from day to day and can be tailored to match your interests.   Small animal cases consist of routine preventive care and surgeries as well as sick visit appointments and emergency surgeries.  Bovine services include routine herd work, BSEs, foot work, dystocias, and care of sick cattle or calves.  Equine cases consist of reproductive ultrasounds, castrations, dental work, lameness exams, and routine Coggins tests and vaccinations.  We also see a variety of other animals including pot-bellied pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, poultry, sheep, and goats.  The days are always interesting and filled with variety!

Guidelines and Expectations

  • Our goals are to provide externs with hands-on experience, teach externs new skills, and expose externs to day-to-day operations in a busy mixed animal practice.
  • Externs must currently be enrolled in an accredited Veterinary School.
  • Externs must carry their own professional liability insurance, either through your school or through the AVMA.  Proof will be required prior to the start of the externship.  (SCAVMA members are eligible for one free year of PLIT Click Here)
  • Externs are expected to appear neat and professional while in the clinic.  Acceptable attire includes neat and clean scrubs or pants (jeans or khakis) and a scrub top or polo shirt.  Closed toed shoes are required (recommend comfortable shoes for long hours on concrete floors).  It is recommended to bring coveralls and boots for large animal work as well as a change of clothes.
  • Externs should arrive at the clinic at 7:30 am Monday through Friday and expect to stay until 5:30-6:00 pm.  Lunch is generally taken from 12:00-1:00pm.  The on-call doctor will notify externs of interesting emergencies on nights and weekends, but those are optional.
  • Housing will be provided to the externs during their externship block.  Externs are expected to keep the house clean and tidy.  Guests besides the extern must be approved ahead of time.
  • It is encouraged for the extern to review the following day’s appointment schedule in order to prepare for appointments and surgeries.  We appreciate externs who are self-motivated and look for ways to learn and help out.
  • Externs are expected to be respectful of the owner’s time with the veterinarian.  Please remember they are being provided a service and deserve our time and attention.  As such, please hold questions until after the appointment.  Questions and discussion of cases is encouraged in between cases and during driving time on farm calls.

If interested in an externship with Waverly Animal Clinic, please send a resume, brief cover letter, and the days requested to [email protected].  We look forward to hearing from you!

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